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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Have you ever asked yourself, how long can my business afford to be offline?  What if your server crashes?  Are you confident in your current backup and recovery plan? 

Techspert can acquire, install, and configure, the latest backup software technology for bit-level imaging of your crucial systems that allows for INCREDIBLY FAST RECOVERY of a downed system.  This is often referred to as a Bare-metal restore.


Data Backups &
Disaster Recovery
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Data Backups & Disaster Recovery

Techspert has partnered with StorageCraft to provide one of the best, most advanced, backup and disaster recovery software solutions for any Microsoft Windows system.  How about 8 or more backups throughout the day so any lost-time work is hours instead of an entire day!  Storagecraft’s ShadowProtect allows for easy retrieval of individual files, folders, or entire partitions!  If your system crashes, your latest backup can be automatically virtualized on any existing hardware so you are back up and running in hours as opposed to days or weeks.  When your server is repaired or replaced, simply restore the latest backup to the new hardware, install any missing drivers and again, you are completely restored in hours.  How’s that for peace of mind!  For those companies that already have a solution in place, Techspert’s expertise can maintain your existing system.



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