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Foundation for Windows® Maintenance

Many times, companies do not feel comfortable making changes to their Foundation environment, even with Foundation support on the line.  That’s where we can help.

  • Applying updates to Foundation for Windows.  We can do this efficiently, thoroughly, and with minimal impact on your operations.  We will schedule a time for these updates on a day most convenient for your business model.
  • Installing Foundation for Windows for the first time?  We can ensure your network and server are ready.  We can recommend the right server for your business to handle the specific demand of this software or recommend upgrades to existing hardware if necessary.
  • We will configure a backup schedule for Foundation database dumps to ensure data integrity in case of hardware or software failure.
  • Are you reaching the default database size limitation of 4GB?  We will assist with acquiring and configuring Microsoft SQL Server and transferring your current database to the new environment with minimal downtime.
  • Reports not running very fast?   We can tweak your current system and recommend hardware upgrades to speed up reporting and any other process that may have diminished in performance.



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Foundation for Windows® Maintenance

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