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Security Management

Techspert’s Security Management Program (SMP) provides system hardening best practices for existing network environments of any size. If you have 1 Microsoft Small Business Server or hundreds of servers in your environment, Techspert can recommend the most cost effective security measures to suite your infrastructure.  Whether you need a quick security fix for compliance or a long term partnership for reducing security vulnerabilities, we’ve got the right plan for you.

Techspert Data Services can help with all aspects of securing your network. Our highly skilled engineers will provide a comprehensive set of security measures that will be tuned specifically to your business model.  Whether for industry compliance or you just need assistance with covering your bases for internal policies, we can help.   It’s best to focus on security from a network’s inception but with most companies, security and growth aren’t a one-to-one ratio.  We’ll provide the guidance and support at any stage.


Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing involves the ethical side of “hacking”.  Our trained technicians will use many highly-skilled techniques to actually break into your network.  Compliance for HIPPA or Sarbanes–Oxley and others are common reasons companies seek our expertise.  As soon as we’re able to break in, the attack stops and you’ll be notified of how we did it.  It is your choice from there to harden the system internally or partner with us to continue with a complete Vulnerability Assessment.



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