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Support Contracts

Techspert Data Services’ proactive maintenance services offer stability and reliability to your organization’s technology investment and allow us to provide you with outstanding service and support.

All our maintenance plans are designed to help protect your network from outages, viruses, spyware and other malicious and unwanted software.  New viruses and malware are proliferating faster than ever and the importance of maintaining up-to-date components cannot be understated.  Our technicians keep a close eye on the overall health of your digital infrastructure.  Your Windows PC’s and servers are kept clean and up-to-date with Windows security patches, hot fixes, service packs (tailored to your specific network), and anti-virus definitions.  Also, we defrag every hard drive on a scheduled basis depending on your preferences.

There are three levels of proactive support:

Proactive Maintenance
Proactive Maintenance
Proactive Maintenance

Remote Proactive Maintenance

  • Proactive Remote Monitoring of PC’s, Notebooks, and Servers.
  • Nightly/Daily AntiVirus scan.
  • Nightly/Daily Hard Drive Defragmentation.
  • +many other
  • Standard billable rates and trip charges apply

With our EPM and CPM support packages you’ll expand your access for technical support to all of our service staff which means quicker resolution to issues at hand and provides for quick access to user PC’s or other key components to offer the fastest and most reliable service available.  This is comprehensive managed services providing 24/7/365 protection. Our Network Operation Center (NOC) will monitor all devices under contract and alert you of any potential issues.  These packages are designed to detect problems while they’re small before they become potentially catastrophic to your business productivity and profitability. All of this for a fraction of the cost of one IT staff member commensurate to your network’s complexity.  Instead of one IT staff member, we offer access to ALL our Technicians/Engineers for the quickest response and resolution.

Task List (Servers)
24x7 Monitoring & Verification
Server Availability Monitoring
Critical Service Monitoring
Event Log Monitoring
Backup Log Monitoring
Anti-Virus Log Monitoring
Response Time Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
Suggested Troubleshooting Tips
Escalations and Notifications
Alarm Remediation
Triage, Troubleshooting & Resolution of Alarms
Hardware Maintenance
Server Health Checks
Patch Management
Patch Policy Configuration
Patch Deployment
Patch Troubleshooting & Remediation
Task List (Workstations)
Monitoring (RPM, EPM, CPM)
24x7 Monitoring & Verification
Event Log Monitoring
Backup Log Monitoring
Anti-Virus Log Monitoring
Suggested Troubleshooting Tips
Patch Management (EPM, CPM)
Patch Policy Configuration
Patch Deployment
Patch Troubleshooting & Remediation
Hardware Maintenance (CPM)
Scheduled Machine Maintenance including dust elimination
PC/Laptop screen, keyboard, mouse cleaning

*Maintenance of existing equipment only.  Additional PC’s,
laptops, servers, equipment will be additional monthly charges.


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